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Best places to tag a topic for blogger 2021

blog tags and seo

Best places to tag a topic for blogger
blog tags best practices
When one of us writes a topic about something, he tries to target a keyword with a large search and tries to get as many visitors as possible by competing in these tags, but do you want to know the best places to put the tags?

Many bloggers are trying to find a good place for keywords, a place popular with search engines. Today, God willing, I will explain the distinguished and popular places to search engines through my experience in blogging and targeting some words.

First, if you are new to blogging, you are wondering how to know the keywords that are purely high, and we will explain them, God willing, in one of the upcoming lessons, and we will try to have the explanation in the YouTube channel to understand the explanation greatly.

Now we come to our topic which is the best place to put tags. 

Write the tags in the topic in a coordinated manner

I know my dear brother that the distinguished topic in the search engines depends on the number of characters and the time the visitor spent reading the topic, and the topic is the body, i.e. it is the important penalty in the blog, so you have to write the keywords in the topic in a coordinated manner. All I mean in a coordinated way is to write the keywords in the topic In a simple, tidy and harmonious way so that the reader does not feel it and do not make it overlapping and many that may cause a visitor inconvenience and boredom when reading and spoil the topic

Write a keyword-rich topic title

blog tags and seo
blog tags list
The topic title is one of the popular places for search engines and is unusually reliable, so if you combine the topic title with the keywords, your topic will get priority in the search engines, you should pay attention to while merging the title and keywords, you must combine them in a consistent, clear and understandable manner.

Introduction Description

The description of the introduction is very useful, and what is meant by the description of the introduction is the beginning of 150 characters of the topic. This place is very sensitive to the search engine. You can benefit from it in placing the tags. You have to put the words in a consistent, organized and understandable manner so that you combine them with the introduction of your topic in a beautiful and unobtrusive manner.

Note: If the topic is large or there are things that you may not be able to modify the introduction, you can use the search description box

Thread link and image features

popular blog tags
best tags for blogs
The topic title is considered important and can be used to put tags, but the problem is that we cannot put Arabic words in the search link, so you have to translate the tags into English and put it in the topic link, if you use more than one tag, you have to separate it by putting (- ) instead of space like (TECH-PRO)
Also, image properties are important, and we have previously talked about their importance in boring detail, and we have previously explained the way to customize images. You can return to the explanation: Explanation of adding image properties and how they work in a Blogger blog.

Here is the end of today’s topic, and this is a simple explanation that I wrote through my experience in the world of blogging and tags. My advice is not to put too many tags so as not to spoil the topic. You should use from three to five tags in one topic. Do not use many words, but focus on strong words.