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Samsung A72 5G - Full phone specifications

Samsung a72 5g price - Specifications 

Samsung A72 5G specifications, price of a72 phone, a complete review of the phone, and whether it is the strongest among its competitors in the middle class. 

samsung a72 specifications
samsung a72 specifications

samsung a72 specifications:

  • Processor: Snapdragon 720G
  • Screen: FHD + Super AMOLED
  • Camera: 64 + 12 + 8 + 5 and the front with 32 precision
  • Storage and RAM: 128/256 with 6/8 GB of RAM
  • Battery: 5000 mAh

Note: It is very important to read the next part of the article before you see the specifications. 

Samsung A series

As usual, Samsung always dazzles us with its new and exclusive products, especially in the world of smartphones, as it is a very popular company in the modern smart phone industry and always diversified in the phone industry between a high, economic and weak category and always it or any leading phone company that focuses on the middle class of its phones because it is the most category. 

The world uses them so Samsung decided to launch a new series of economic class phones, which is the A series, although the A series was of the high class and the series phones came with the best features and the most expensive prices. 

After the company launched the economic A series, people were all excited to try this giant series that It came with great specifications and at very economical prices because of the features and things it carries completely new from Samsung, but all this was only in the official announcements of the series, after the chain spread terribly and its availability in all Arab and foreign markets, huge quantities of these phones were purchased, but after the users bought these phones they were Shock!!

According to more than 70% of users, including me, the result was very unsuccessful for this experiment, the phones were very poor, the category that enjoyed these phones is the category that does not use the phone except for simple purposes such as browsing and wandering between social networking applications each of those phones The category carries many defects, such as the a30 V phone. 

The defects in it were many. The most prominent of those problems that appeared in more than 80% of users is the charging problem, the charger does not work and the problem was from the main board of the phone, another problem in the phone, which is the irregularity of the fox in the main camera of the phone. 

Also in the a50 phone, there were many problems, including the built-in fingerprint in the phone and the poor durability of the screen as I was a user of the phone and the screen was broken for more than three times! I do not want to prolong the many faults, but Samsung has begun to avoid errors in the new phones of the same series, which are the A1 like phones. 

  • A71
  • A51
  • A31

And after those many comments from users and the great work of developers, Samsung launched new phones with terrible specifications and without errors and at very competitive prices, such as phones. 

  • A72
  • A52
  • A31

And Today, we will review the specifications, features, review and price of the A72 phone
A72 5G

Samsung Galaxy A72 Review:

samsung a72 review
samsung a72 review

1. Samsung A72 camera

The device comes with four cameras, the basic comes with a 64-megapixel camera, with an autofocus system and a lens slot of 1.8, and the second camera with a resolution of 12 mega-pixel and is characterized by wide vision, which gives us a wide angle when photographing and with a lens slot of 2.2, as for the third camera, it comes with an 8 mega pixel camera and comes specialized to give us The best zoom, as the camera zooms to 3X in a very clear way, as for the last camera in the A72 phone, it comes with a 5-megapixel camera and a slot of 2.4 lens with a micro system, and the camera comes in many modes, the most prominent of which is the night mode or NIGT MODE and the slow motion SLOW MOTION, as for the front camera, it comes in a form Single, 32-megapixel, supports 4K photography with a 30-frame frame per second, or FHD photography with 120-frame frames, and the cameras come with a slight protrusion on the back of the phone.

2. Samsung A72 screen

The screen of the A72 phone comes accurately and very beautiful and bright colors because it is of the type SUPER AMOLED and accurately FHD + and we have been used by Samsung and with this type of screens to have the colors at their best accuracy and the new thing in this category is that the screen of the A72 phone comes at a rate of 90 GHz, which means the screen brings you a great experience for games, especially a game PUBG B phone A72 and the screen comes with a small hole in the middle of the upper side of the upper side and comes with very thin edges, which means it can be said that the phone comes with a full screen.

3. Samsung A72 processor

The Samsung A72 comes with an excellent processor in this economic category, as it comes with a SNAP DRAGON 720G processor and 11 nano technology, which is known for this category of processors as it saves battery energy and gives very excellent performance in playing as it has been tested with heavy games, including PUBG game and proved its worth in terms of battery saving And to play at 90 GHz, there was a slight interruption at the highest level of frames in the game, and yet this processor remains the best in that economic category.

samsung a72 price philippines
samsung galaxy a72 5g

4. Samsung A72 Memory and RAM

Samsung A72 comes with more than one version in terms of storage or RAM if it comes with 128 memory with 6/8 RAM or 256 memory with 6/8 RAM, and a memory card can be added to the limit of 1 TB and this memory is sufficient to store daily needs and keep all memories without a memory card.

The phone comes with two SIM cards and supports the 2G 3G 4G connection, and the phone comes with a distinctive version, which is a copy
A72 5G phone.

5. The design of the Samsung A72 phone

The A72 comes with a completely plastic back, but the plastic is very strong and difficult to scratch, but it is preferable to put a cover to cover the back and protect it from scratches.

6. Samsung A72 Battery 

The A72 comes with an excellent battery that can last for two days for calling, browsing and normal use of 5000 mAh with some modes to reduce the battery and comes with a charger included in the box with fast charging technology of 25 watts
And we come to the most important feature of the phone, which is the first of its kind in that economic category, that the phone is waterproof according to the IP67 standard, the A72 phone is waterproof.

The phone comes with three means of security, which are the pattern, the fingerprint integrated with the phone screen, the face print, or face unlock.

Samsung a72 phone features:

  • The phone comes with a huge battery and can withstand 5000 mAh. 
  • Supports fast charging technology. 
  • Water and dust resistant as per IP67 standard. 
  • It comes with the best processor of its kind in that economy class. 
  • Very beautiful color screen with a small hole on the top for negligible camera. 
  • Supports shooting 4k videos.

Disadvantages of the Samsung A72 phone

The phone does not come with significant flaws for it as an economy-class phone.

samsung a72 5g price
samsung a72 5g price

samsung a72 5g price

It comes roughly at $ 540.

samsung a72 5g price in india

It comes roughly at 39875.79 INR. 

samsung a72 price philippines

It comes roughly at 25935.93 PHP. 

The phone comes in three colors, black, purple and white.