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Great ways to get exclusive articles without rights

How to create great content

Maintaining your blog or website is a really difficult job for every blogger, it is not easy to update your site regularly with the quality of the content you provide. And to get good topics, there are those who copy from other sites, there are those who buy them, and there are those who translate, and that is not good in the long run.

Or you can follow these below mentioned tips, I am sure any one with these following tips will help him a lot.

How to create great content
How to create quality content
Among the most important of these criteria that it is necessary and certain that you must pay attention to are:

  • Not writing articles copied from anywhere else. - Pay attention to linguistic and spelling errors.
  • Pay attention to internal links so that you put in your article a link to other articles within your site provided that they have a relationship. 
  • Put your keywords in: title, description, description of pictures, the link ... 
  • Put the keyword and its synonyms several times in the text of the article, but naturally and without cost.
  • Respect the intellectual property of others, as search engines pay great attention to this issue, so be sure to indicate to the owner anything you have added in your article. 
  • Putting articles with an acceptable number of words (the number of words that you have) It is acceptable for Google Adsense to have at least 100 words in the topic), but it is preferable to have more than that (300 words or more).

How to write quality tech articles for my blog - Google Alerts

You can get the latest updates in your field that you are writing on so that it is easier to learn new things, you can get new writing topics that will definitely stand out. Because Google Alerts gives you the latest posts with very large searches, you can search for a highly searched topic and publish it on your site.

Follow other sites that have the same competence as you

Follow up on other sites that have the same niche that you are working on and reading the topics they publish will help you a lot in keeping your site up to date with the researchers. 

You can also subscribe to your e-mail via the RSS service on sites to access all new they publish.

High quality articles websites - Participate in forums

Many people use forums to get answers to their questions, so it is easy for you to tell people what you need in general. Solving their problems represents a great challenge because it may not be available on Google, where you can write an article or lesson on this desired topic that may help other users as well. Just choose the forums you want to post wisely.

How to write quality tech articles for my blog
High quality articles websites

How to create quality content - Think differently

If you see an article with, for example, "How to improve a blog in Google", try to change it, except for example "Tips for improving a blog in Yahoo or Bing" because Google and Bing are different search engines, and it will be a lot of research.

I hope to be of benefit to you and thank you.