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Best windows 10 version for gaming in 2021

best windows 10 version for gaming 2021

Best windows 10 version for gaming 2021
windows 10 pro
The OS comes in several iterations including Windows Home, Windows Pro, and Windows Enterprise. But what is the best version for gaming? Keep reading to find out, and it's important to note that an operating system doesn't matter much if you don't have the right hardware specs for your games.

Important note: We do not mention here any copies of Windows 7 and Windows 8 because they have been exited from Microsoft's security patch and versions, so we do not recommend downloading or dealing with any of the versions of Windows 7 and Windows 8, and in Alsasa, you can run Windows 10 easily because High potential for gaming devices.

As for the minimum hardware specifications, the most important pieces include:
  • CPU
  • GPU
  • RAM
  • Hard drives
  • Video card
  • Sound cards
  • Ethernet adapters
  • USB ports.

The most important specifications for gaming devices

Although there are no hard and fast rules in gaming PCs, we recommend that you do not install your first game unless you have:
  • Hexa core processor
  • 500 GB minimum hard disk
  • 32 GB RAM
  • 1 GB GPU less than 1080p; 2 GB GPU for 1080p; 3 GB for more than 1080 pixels.

The hex-core processor is your best bet for compatibility with all games, and avoid purchasing a dual-core processor unless your budget is too low for four or six. Although the dual core process works for old games, modern games may not work.

Plus, just because you can buy an octa-core processor doesn't mean you should. Core X-Series chips won't add anything to your gaming experience other than giving you something to brag about on message boards.
windows 10 for gaming pc
best windows 10 update for gaming
Aim for the solid-state drive because it's faster than mechanical hard drives and less expensive than you remember. SSDs don't affect in-game performance, but they do switch loading times from a 30-second load to a full-boot state in five to ten seconds.

Stick to the 16GB RAM, which makes 64GB RAM unnecessary.

AMD and Nvidia make up the bulk of the GPU market, and most people buy anything that delivers the performance they need at the price they want, so avoid purchasing and installing multiple video cards if you can.

what's the best windows 10 version for gaming? 

With a fully ready gaming PC setup, you are ready to find the best Windows 10 version for games.

We can say that Windows 10 Home fits almost every gamer perfectly. Microsoft guarantees that anyone can play games from its core product and that upgrading to Pro will not change your gaming experience in a beneficial way.

Let's see how these operating systems compare.
Before purchasing, consider whether you will need the 32-bit or 64-bit versions of Windows 10 Home, if you are running a relatively new PC, then buy the 64-bit version.

If your processor is out of date, you will need to stick to the 32-bit version.

Do you know which one you need? If not, head over to your computer and click on the Start button. From here, choose System, then System Type. If you have an x86-based processor, you need 32-bit Windows.

If you have an x64-based processor, you are free to purchase the 64-bit version of Windows 10 Home.

For your information, it is also the best version of Windows 10 2020, and Windows Home is also considered the best Windows for games for weak devices

You can download a copy of Windows 10 Home from here from the official website: Link

Is Windows 10 better than Windows 8.1? 

  • If you are already running Windows and want to know if the upgrade will improve your gaming experience, the answer is: It depends.
  • Windows 10 Home is not very different from Windows 8 or 8.1. It also doesn't perform any better than Windows 7.

which windows 10 version is best

If you want to download Windows 10 gaming 2021 and 2022, Windows 10 Pro comes with some more basic features than Windows Home.
best windows 10 update for gaming
which windows version is best for gaming
It features Windows Update for Business for added security for corporate use as well as Safe Boot and Device Guard.
Windows Home and Windows Pro work exactly the same way for gaming purposes.
Neither one will be faster than the other, and if you encounter major differences, it's more likely to be a hardware problem than an operating system variation.
If you need Windows 10 Pro for your small business, don't worry: you can still play as you do on your Windows 10 Home PC.
However, you won't see any additional gaming benefits by spending the extra money on the Pro version of Windows. If you don't need the additional business features, you can use Windows 10 Pro without the extra features and run it normally.

windows 10 pro

You can download a copy of Windows 10 Pro, Windows 10 Pro, from here from the official website: Link

So in the end, there is no difference between Windows 10 Pro and Windows Home in gaming experience.