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Best 5 Android games available now! [October 2021]

Best 5 Android games (October 2021)

Best 5 Android games available now!
best games for android offline

If you are a fan of Android games and are looking for the best games for Android, then this article is suitable for you.

We offer you a set of the best 5 Android games for this month, and this classification came on more than one reason, namely: the download rate, the percentage of liking the game, the percentage of spend Play the game by the hour, whether the game is paid or free, and this article only includes free games.

Best Android Games 2021

best android games free
best android games free

1. Real Flight Simulator MOD APK

best android games free
most popular mobile games 2021

Real Flight Simulator latest version is one of the best simulator games ever, specifically flight simulation at the present time, the game, especially the latest version that we provide to you during this article, has seen our honorable visitors with a free direct download link very popular with it, as it is characterized by many terrible features Not only that, but the latest version had several updates that were the most wonderful ever, as they made the game a unique essential element that was not similar to any other game. 

The game was able to be unique within the classifications of flight simulator games with the meaning of the word, as first it is in 3D, and secondly, you play the game as if you are in reality exactly as you press all the buttons and perform the exact same tasks as the pilot without any problems.

Real Flight Simulator, one of the best simulator games and piloting of aircraft, specifically passenger planes to date. As for the latest version, it has received many updates that were very important and had not been applied in any other game, but the most wonderful thing about it is that it comes With high quality and more than professional graphics, you can see the smallest details in the game without any problems, and certainly dear reader after reading this post, specifically the features of the game and its latest version, you will immediately download and install it on your phone to be the second best application in the list of the best private games Your.

2. worms zone mod apk

best free android games 2021
best android games free

worms zone one of the wonderful games available for Android devices within the category of action games, which is a distinctive game, then it was recently launched and has many features that made it very popular after its launch in a very short time, it comes with an idea different from the rest of the games that we saw in an old previous game and then these fly The idea, and this is what contributed to the success of the latest version of the worms zone game, especially for foreigners, and you will definitely like it.

Worms Zone .io latest version of the action game par excellence and an interesting and exciting game. It works online and offline, ie, on the Internet or without the Internet, and our site is the first Arab site to launch the game. With its wonderful features, we had to offer the game to you for free as well. 

In addition to this and the coolest, it is hacked and you will benefit from many great features as if you were working with the paid version of Worms Zone .io latest version.

3. fifa mobile mod apk

best free mobile games
most popular mobile games 2021

FIFA Mobile includes a variety of game modes that can keep you entertained for hours so you can increase your skills from penalty kick or tournament participation and experience one of the most beautiful Android games. 

Act! Despite its size, the game was designed to be awesome, graphically designed and tested in our test without any problems and only one internet connection! At the start of the game, there is a field that needs to wait a minute to fill the entrance to the playing field; Games like FIFA 15 and 16 require the Internet and no games are played without the game!

4. Roblox mod apk

ROBLOX is one of the most downloaded games across computers and iOS systems, as well as through devices that are compatible with the Android operating system such as smartphones and tablets

Through that game you can create a lot of different and varied games such as: "Speed, racing, puzzle games" and others, And that game depends on the user's ability to create new ideas as you can character specifications and there is a chat system as well,

5. critical ops mod apk

Best 5 Android games available now!
best games for android offline

Critical Ops is a first-person shooter that features competitive combat through beautifully crafted maps and challenging game modes. Fight it alongside a group of brothers or lead an individual scoreboard.

Will you fight as a member of the Alliance or the Breach?

Critical Ops expands the world of esports onto mobile platforms. Join the VIBRANT ESPORT SCENE and build a reputation for yourself and your team.


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